An (Un) Pleasant Surprise

My job often involves meeting interesting people and hearing interesting stories, even experiencing some unique situations every once in a while.

A locksmith bursts a locked door

In my job, I am constantly amazed

One such situation occurred when I was just starting work with Toronto Locksmith. I got a call from a young woman whose locks I’d previously installed – she was worried that someone had somehow got into her apartment. I knew that no street thief was a match for the locks on her door, so I assumed she’d lost her key and is now panicking because she can’t get into her home.


I met her in front of her apartment. The girl was visibly scared; she kept saying that she couldn’t unlock her front door. It turned out that I had been only half right. The girl had indeed lost her key, but she only started panicking when she realised that the spare key she kept in a crack in the wall next to her door was gone. That meant that someone was in her apartment. At that point, I briefly thought about calling the police, but then I decided to wait until I knew more.


No sounds were coming from the apartment. Since waiting only made us more nervous, I took my tools out of the car and I started trying to open the door. We at Locksmith Toronto Install extremely robust locks to keep unwanted guests out, so it wasn’t an easy task.


We were greeted by an empty, dark apartment. The girl seemed terrified of what we’d find in there, and I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling so sure we were doing the right thing going inside on our own.


My client slowly felt her way to a light switch and finally flipped the lights on, and we were suddenly looking at a very colourful setup for a birthday party, along with snack on the table and balloons all around the room. And on the couch, two people, a guy and a girl, were sleeping.


As it turned out, those two were her friends who were supposed to surprise her for her birthday. But, my client got held up at work, and her friends, weary from the preparations and the waiting, simply fell asleep.


It was very difficult for my client to be mad at them for long. As for me, I was happy to have a piece of birthday cake before I go back to our Toronto locksmith office.

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