Not until last week, I use to think that my funniest experience as a Toronto based locksmith was the day I had to help a man who was locked right inside his own house by his crazy girlfriend after they had some serious argument.

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funny. We never know what’s going to happen. Photo: Depositphotos

Apparently, it was actually one of those slow days at work in Toronto; a distress call was placed to our office line by a lady who seems to have lost the key to the main entrance of her house. As a professional toronto locksmith technician, I picked up my tools and paced to meet the lady at her house because she sounded a lot more like someone who is in a very serious bad situation. Eventually, I got to meet the blonde lady at her house with despair smooched up all over her face, she was clearly sober and her face was already really red so I need not ask too many questions before I get to work.

“I’m sorry, I think I lost the key to my house at the back of the taxi that drove me back home; please quickly help me break the lock so I can enter my house and use the ladies. I’ve been stranded since the last couple of hour out here” she said, so I obliged since she had no other entrance to her house and she doesn’t mind if I ruin the entrance door of her house. After a while, I was able to break her house lock and it was almost a coincidence that the key she claimed to have forgotten at the back of a taxi fell out from her purse when she was trying to bring out her phone to pick up a call. She was like “Honestly I can’t explain where this key came out from because I’m pretty sure I checked this purse quite a number of times before calling your office for help”

As if the surprise wasn’t enough for the day, she threw open the entrance door of her house which I had helped her to break and there she goes again “Damn not this time! I’m pressed and I wanna make use of the toilet so bad” I was really trying so hard not to snarl or smile too much by then because the lady herself is full of surprises and drama.

So it happened that there was also a burglar protector that is also locked right after the entrance door. She was all furious and was now trying to call her husband on phone, I guess… “Someone must really be in there” I said and she snapped “Yes of course! He must be the one right in there with that black b**** Amanda” I was still trying hard as f*** not to laugh ‘cos heavens knows I could really use a laugh right there.

After a while, I eventually was able to cut the burglar protector with a hacksaw and by then I noticed that her height had reduced because she had long released her feet from the bondage of the black high heel shoe she wore. All ready to swing into action, she pushed the door and tiptoed right inside to probably catch her husband cheating on her and perhaps to beat up ‘black b**** Amanda’ but she was rather weak after the sight she beheld. It was her two kids lying so peacefully on the bed in their last birthday clothe sleeping. I couldn’t hold the laughter anymore because her toes were still up-stretched in a bid to catch whoever was in there right on the act without any mistakes.

So the kids were forced to get up from their sleep to explain the reason while they weren’t in school and why they locked the door and they said “Our midterm break starts today and we don’t wanna tell you because you would enroll for Ms Natasha’s math class immediately and you wouldn’t allow us to come to your office either even if we asked so we decided to hide till you’re gone.” “But that doesn’t still explain why you locked your mum outside the house” I jokingly asked and they replied “Yes it’s because she won’t allow us to come to her office to help her every day”

I could barely hold the laughter so I laughed and the lady who was once so furious and so eager to use the toilet busted into laughter as well.

Throughout the journey on my way back to our Toronto Locksmiths office, I’d would consistently beam from ear to ear when I remember the kids’ reason for locking their mum outside and all the extra energy the lady put in to catch black Amanda. I am thankful for 24Locksmith Toronto!

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