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Commercial Locksmith Toronto, especially in the workforce and commercial industries. To keep a business running, it takes a good investment in security measures and a reliable emergency services. Thankfully, the Locksmith Toronto team provides you with both in a timely manner and bargain prices.

 As an independent company

the Locksmith Toronto team knows what running a business consists of and takes pride in bringing safety and satisfaction to the forefront of our clientele’s business. Whether you are small business, or a large corporation, our expertise can help you achieve all your goals in terms of security expectations, outstanding decor, and upsizing value on your property.

Our clients come first, which has made us who we are, and passing our professionalism onto our clients is our top priority. We are here to help!

Call the Locksmith Toronto team for all your commercial inquiries and emergencies at 647-990-5625, any time, day or night.

Some of our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Safes and vaults:

Fireproof safes and vaults are usually considered a solid solution during fires, burglaries, or other emergencies, but forgetting the combinations,or  a malfunctioning lock can set back the validity of the safety measure. At Locksmith Toronto, we are able to rest lock combinations, access and enter malfunctioning safes or vaults, and help you retain your valuables quickly.

Safes and vaults are a security measure that should be made a top priority for your emergencies, and single lockout or malfunction should not get in the way of such use.

Desks and Filing Cabinets

Desks and filing cabinets are common practice in most offices and serve as important tools to help the business track records, maintain administration duties, and help the company grow. When a faulty lock gets in the way of such growth, it can interfere with regular work functions.

Lockouts, even if only for a short time, can compromise a patient’s or client’s information from being processed and updated, which can result in a frustrated customer.

A single lock should not get in the way of a companies growth, so the Toronto Locksmith team believes in getting you results quickly and effectively. A simple call can save you and your client time, energy, and money in the long run, and help keep you business running smoothly. Our technicians can replace, re key, and upgrade all your desks and filing cabinets swiftly, and at a competitive rate.


After a number of years, rented office spaces can face extensive wear and tear, which can result in faulty locks, poor alarm system performance, and inadequate security functions in the workplace. The Toronto Locksmith team specializes in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), alarm system maintenance and repair, and upgrades to all your current accessories. Accessories can range from lock barrels on doors to the print on one’s key. Whatever your style, we have a large range of popular and trusted products to improve the atmosphere and performance of your workplace for both you and your workers.

Other Services

  • Key replacement/ tracking
  • Dead bolt installation
  • Digital locks (installation and repair)
  • Mailbox locks and keys
  • Window lock picking
  • Fire exit devices
  • Door closure replacement

Our commercial services extend beyond all the services mentioned, so feel free to call the Locksmith Toronto team 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for all your commercial inquiries and emergencies.

We are here to help you business grow safely and effectively!