Romance in the Woods

I keep trying to establish the fact that working as a Toronto Locksmith does have it’s fun side and it’s somehow above the stress it provided me with. A classic example involves my dealing with a newly wedded couple on their honeymoon. It was one lovely evening and I was betting they were on their way back from a blast evening in the city.


They had taken their honey moon to the woods and had somehow broken the key to their cabin on the door while the bride was fumbling with it as clumsily as she could. So they called 24 Toronto Locksmith’s number one professional, my humble self.


They held onto each other as I got to where they were. The spirit of romance was still all over them but they still had that worried look on their faces and it lit with a bit of hope as I approached them, a reassuring smile on my face.


The man was all chatty as I worked my way around the lock. They spoke with renewed vigor as it seemed that there was a nearby solution to their predicament.


“We wanted a nice serene place for our honeymoon. It would have really been a disaster if we had to sleep out of the Cabin tonight as it brings a kind of peace,” the groom chatted away as I worked the on the door.

“How do you enjoy the serenity with all the bird songs and all,” I asked, in a bid to keep the conversation going.

“It’s nice out here you know. You should try it sometime. The bird songs and the little noises from the insects seem to compose a nice music,” he preached and his bride approved with a smile. She was beautiful, that one and her husband too was neat. They had made a perfect match and they seemed fun to be around but the situation wasn’t the right one to decipher that.


I didn’t work long. The door snapped and opened with a creak. Warm air rushed out from the inside of the cabin and it felt a whole lot welcoming.


My job was done and they decided they had a little present for me for saving them a whole lot of trouble. I was ok with it. At least I could share in the joy of their matrimony. He asked his wife to get the bottle of wine from the car as he chatted me up on things he felt I needed to know. She came back a long while after, her face a mess and her expression not exactly what her husband would want to look at.


“I broke the car door,” She muttered, raising the bunch of keys up. Her husband countenance changed. To my surprise, he cackled up into a huge laughter. Apparently, the little bride had used the car keys on the cabin door and then the cabin door keys on the car door.


I had my hands full as I saved the day with my skills as a Toronto Locksmith.


I left them in their state of happiness and romance with the notion that love and alcohol has a thing between them. They both make you high.

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