The April fool’s Surprise

From the funny to the crazy to the extremely crazy. I have seen it all working as a Toronto Locksmith. Sometimes, you end up unlocking things that you will definitely wish had remained locked. It has always been fun though, sometimes, you never can tell what might be lurking behind each door or safe and working as a Toronto Locksmith gives you the opportunity to peek at those usual and unusual things.

You never know what awaits us in the safe

We never know what awaits us in the safe

Once I went on a job involving a locked safe and an unknown password. It was a woman whom I was guessing to be in her mid fifties. She was a single mother, judging by what I saw. She had that look on her face, one that was made up of anger rather than sadness.


It was April 1st and apparently, her 18 year old son had beat her to the April fools game and had managed to make her the fool by changing the password to their safe. It wasn’t cool with her and the anger was all over her. She needed things in the safe and the young man was no where around the house and so she reached out for Toronto’s Locksmith. She grumbled as I worked around the lock. I had experience with stuffs like that and so it was just a walk through for me.


From time to time, I thought I heard a bit of noise inside the safe but I assumed it was my work getting into my ears. The lady stood over me, watching as I applied my expertise to the job, flipping the safe open in no time. Apparently, changing the safe security combination was the tip of the iceberg. The icing on the cake came after I had pulled the door to the safe open. It slithered around as it’s forked tongue showed from time to time. We both jumped in fright as we met the snake on the pile of papers and money. The young man had not only planked his mother by changing the safe’s combination, in fact, that was no prank at all. The real deal was stuffing the live reptile into the safe as a surprise for his mom.


The lady got what she wanted but not without a bitter April fool prank on her. The smile broke out on my face as I remembered how pink her face had gone when we opened the safe to meet the snake crawling around. I smiled sheepishly as I imagined the pounding of my heart. I thanked my stars that April fool was the least of things we thought of in my house. They would have done worse things to me.

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