Toronto Sliding Glass Door Locks

Toronto Sliding Glass Door Locks

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Toronto Sliding Glass Door Locks – Worth Repairing Or Buying New?

Every homeowner is concerned about the safety of their home, however those who have sliding doors going out to their patios have extra reasons to be worried. It is known that these types of doors are not the most safe and secure in keeping burglars away from the house.

This is why it is important to make everything you can in order to ensure the proper safety of your home when it comes to these backyard exits. After all people love their sliding doors in order to have a gorgeous view of the outside of their homes and well as the inner side. Moreover these doors should be quite easy to open and also close. Buying the best quality sliding glass doors is one step closer to getting all the benefits mentioned above.

Of course when you have interior sliding glass doors, the security issue is no longer there since the exits to the exterior are solid and made of wood or something else more durable. These doors are there mostly for decorative purposes and also for making the room seem much larger than it is. They really have more of an aesthetic appeal than anything else.

Toronto Sliding Glass Door Locks

One problem they have in common is their faulty locks.

It can easily happen that they either jam or don’t lock, which is a great invitation to any prowling burglar. More often than not it is worthwhile changing your locks instead of repairing them, however there are cases when you can do a good repair job on your own.


The problem with the repairs is that not everyone has the patience or the DIY knowledge (or even the enthusiasm) needed for repairing such locks. The main reason is because these doors have more complex locking mechanisms that need some additional handyman knowledge than the typical weekend small DIY job needs. So when you want to start on such a job, you need to have some basic knowledge in advance unless you really like to struggle with the locks.


There are two types of such locks, and they are either surface mount clocks or steel mortise locks. When you are about to engage in the repairs of your locks, you need to first decide on which is best for your own door. If you go with surface mount locks, you will basically bolt or screw the lock directly onto the door frame. The lock hasp will be attached into the door jamb that connects into the new locks you are putting in.

When it comes to steel mortise locks, they are actually built directly into the door frame which adds an extra layer of safety to your door. When you are looking at replacing the locks of an inner door, the first type is maybe better, but for patio doors, this is the best type to go for.


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